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* * Pumpkin with lady parts (bits and putty)

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All minis produced by Reaper unless otherwise stated.
Boobie Pumpkin - Bits and Brown Stuff

This is my challenge to everyone who has ever said "Every mini would be better with Boobies."

Oh, really?

Just to state the obvious: This is a pumpkin dug out of my small but growing bits box. The lady parts were made with brown stuff, which I have come to love more than green stuff. However, this is entirely a rush job. What kind of depravo do you think I am, to spend tens of hours putting breasts onto a pumpkin? This piece clocks in at tens of minutes. Even though I learned a great method for sculpting nipples this year, those talents aren't being wasted on a pumpkin.

Things I like: Well, at least it's a creative idea. Some of the paints mixed pretty well, too. After seeing how the masters do it, I may never use gunk again.

Things I don't like: Apparently this pumpkin had a tumor which needed to be removed. That's usually the reason for a pair to be this lopsided.

What I learned: Boobs are harder to sculpt than you might think.


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