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Kaena, Banshee - Reaper # 14053

Kaena Banshee front and rear view

Wow. It's been a while since this was updated. I have more minis that need to end up here too, such as Naomi and Elsbeth, but today is Kaena's day.

I'm currently painting a Necropolis army for Reaper Miniatures's Warlord game. The Banshee, although fun to play with, just wasn't going to be one my centerpieces. So, I put brush to her using the talented Jester's speed paint method.

Kaena Banshee closeup and profile

Still, a few things worked out. The eyes aren't too bad, and Jester even commented on this same process when applied to Gauntfield. In short, aim low. The hair was a bit of an experiment in moving from a deep brown to buckskin, and with a black ink wash. Next time, I think highlights come after the wash.

Kaena Banshee with freehand tattoo on butt

As an impulsive final touch, the Necropolis logo was freehanded onto Kaena's butt. Twice. The first tattoo looked horrible and was painted over. As I had already inked the entire mini, there was a big light blue dot on her rump as well. After a little practice on the back of a Warlord card (the one it's wrapped in, not the stats card), the tattoo went on. Then more blue ink. Both the tattoo and eyes were done with micron pens.

All said and done, it's not so bad for a rush job. After a little dullcoat, this should be at least game table-worthy.

What I like: Her mouth. I've never painted a mouth that looked this nice. The feet are nice, as are her mammaries.

What I don't like: Not enough contrast on the skin, the ink on the skin ate all the rest of the contrast, the ink on the hair ate all the gorgeous highlights.

What I learned: Practice freehanding on paper before it goes on the mini. I wouldn't want a tattoo on my butt that looked like a drunken crackhead operated a spyrograph with his feet.


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