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Lewd Beholder - Hackmaster

Piotr Irongale - #2659

**Caveman & Girlfriend - #2387

Skeleton w/Halberd - #2014

Crimson Knight - #14071
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** Sirithis, Succubus - #2181

Kurff the Swift (Shane O’Luna) - #2034

Dexes the Ghost Lord - #2159

Skeleton - #2213

Kaena, Banshee - #14053

* * Pumpkin with lady parts (bits and putty)

Work in Progress
Bone Horror

** may not be safe for work

All minis produced by Reaper unless otherwise stated.
Skeleton - Reaper # 02213

No pictures yet.

A rush job - something to do while the next succubus dries from the gluing/priming. Had previously been glued and primed for painting, and was finished in just a couple hours.

Halloween is in the air, and I just wanted to paint more evil things. Unlike the last skeleton, I let myself ink this and make it darker. I also continued work on the zinc primer/gunmetal wetblend rust effect, this time adding a bit of drybrushed truesilver on top of that. I'm gainng a knack for painting ugly things.

What I like: This is the first shield which has come out nice enough for me to be content with. The sword just took to the rusting effect very nicely. The ink wash over the skeleton REALLY did some nice things to it, too.

What I don't like: Well, I have no complaints seeing as this is a rush job. The only real issue I have is that (1) the broccoli base was just painted grey (2) the superglue which held it to the film roll for hands-free painting stuck to the mini - and not the plastic film roll.

What I learned: Black Ink Wash makes painting faster.


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