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Lewd Beholder - Hackmaster

Piotr Irongale - #2659

**Caveman & Girlfriend - #2387

Skeleton w/Halberd - #2014

Crimson Knight - #14071
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** Sirithis, Succubus - #2181

Kurff the Swift (Shane O’Luna) - #2034

Dexes the Ghost Lord - #2159

Skeleton - #2213

Kaena, Banshee - #14053

* * Pumpkin with lady parts (bits and putty)

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Bone Horror

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All minis produced by Reaper unless otherwise stated.
Piotr Irongale - Reaper # 02659

Final pictures.

Mini #2, and already great improvement. My efforts to completely ignore the layering technique in favor of learning to wet-blend paid off in a hundred subtle ways. From the rosy hue to Piotr's cheeks to the gauntlets (which I'm very proud of), this just worked a hundred times better.

The painting scheme was meant to be a combination of elegance and functionality. The pants, sleeves, belt, and bedroll were designed to look like silk. The backpack and shoulder padding was meant to look like simple cotton or wool. And finally, thet metal pieces were supposed to look inexpensive and well used - function over form.

As a side note, I tried to file off the sideburns. The "hard" one on what would have been the left side of his face came right off. The "easy" and more visible one never did get completely removed.

Things I like: 95% of the metal pieces. The color tone in the face. The bit of armor over his chest. The leather in his boots.

Things I don't like: The scabbard over the dagger could have used more detail. I missed a couple of spots where the chain meets the body, leaving exposed white primer. My wash color over the skin was too light, and not even noticeable. (I guess Oiled Leather isn't good for everything.) Some of the blue from the pants came down over the metal cuff on one of the boots. The eyes (a better brush will fix that).

Overall, I wouldn't be ashamed to bring this one to a gaming table. It just needs a bit of coating, and it's not a bad keeper for my being so new to this.

What I learned: Paint the whole mini. Nicely blended colors is keen, but must be balanced with contrast.


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