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Lewd Beholder - Hackmaster

Piotr Irongale - #2659

**Caveman & Girlfriend - #2387

Skeleton w/Halberd - #2014

Crimson Knight - #14071
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** Sirithis, Succubus - #2181

Kurff the Swift (Shane O’Luna) - #2034

Dexes the Ghost Lord - #2159

Skeleton - #2213

Kaena, Banshee - #14053

* * Pumpkin with lady parts (bits and putty)

Work in Progress
Bone Horror

** may not be safe for work

All minis produced by Reaper unless otherwise stated.
Dexes the Ghost Lord - Reaper # 02159

Halloween! Some of this was a rush job, and some of it was washed when more care should have been taken. But this was all for All Hallow's Eve.

The goal was to make use of halloween colors to the fullest degree. At the end, though, the only traces of purple are the highlights on the robes - and those are almost grayish. The orange parts were wet blended with some very thick Kilt Green to keep the Halloween flavor over anything more realistic.

It's all about the mood.

The rust was an experiment. It was a wetblend using Zinc model train primer mixed with Reaper gunmetal. The two do not mix well at all, and that oddly worked well in the places where they were massaged the most.

Now onto the severed heads. The hair colors are sort of a running gag which started with the Caveman and Girlfriend mini. The head on the left was inspired by Once Upon A Time In Mexico.

Finally, the basing. Funny thing here. I quit smoking almost four months ago, but had a pack of half-smoked cigarettes laying around. So, I filled the hex base with super glue, filled that with clove tobacco, then added more superglue. Didn't have a single problem gluing anything to anything else unless it should have been glued. As I write this a day later, I nearly glued my left index finger and thumb together just priming the next mini.

What I like: The blood. The rust effects! The way the ink washing looked on the spine. The way it's not a "flat" black, but not excessively bright either. The autumn / dead plant life basing.

What I don't like: The hands needed more contrast. The feet needed something a little more special. The hair just didn't come out well at all.

What I learned: I may never smoke again, but cigarette tobacco does indeed make great basing.


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