Not Free / Perfect Failure / Free

Not Free / Perfect Failure / Free - Gothic Industrial from the album GlumRunner

Gothic Industrial

From the Album: GlumRunner

Story: Not free is a noisy, angry piece of industrial music with a good helping of the Phibes keyboard for a nice gothic sound. It was originally written with the intent of producing a piece of music over twelve minutes long. The combined sum of seven and a half minutes was good enough. Part 1 takes a firm hand with an unkown subject, and makes it clear that no choice is ever free. But what of indecision?

Perfect Failure provides a central focus for the song. Its message of indecision as the worst decision was crucial toward not only this song's purpose, but that of the entire album. You have to choose, and there will always be a price. The greatest rewards come from perserverence in your choices.

Free means just that. It begins where Not Free left off in anger, but glides toward the album's thesis with grace and purpose. The crucial characters from the rest of the album are given closure and the thesis is declared: "Decide and persue, and be."

  • This song featues the second guitar solo I've ever successfully recorded. Even that took more technological chicanery than one can ever be proud of.
  • Bird sounds are prominent in two parts of this song to drown out the sounds of real birds, who felt it proper to immoralize their voices in this recording.
  • The added bird sounds are credited to
  • The lines "There's No Escape" and "Make me forget" are running jokes among a circle of online friends.

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