Snakes and Stars

Snakes and Stars - Electroclash from the album GlumRunner


From the Album: GlumRunner

Story: A lot went into the creation of this song. First and foremost was the desire to pay tribute to my brother and ex-member GreenAdder. Second was an attempt to fuse fantasy with industrial. This meant looking to some unlikely sources for inspiration. Third was the attempt to be less reliant on guitars and to do more with synthesized sounds.

Overall, this one has a lot of energy behind it.

  • Snakes and Stars was the name of a short-lived internet radio station. That in turn got its name from my use of the online hanlde "Star Drifter" and my brother's choice of names - GreenAdder. Any other meaning read into the title is probably way off base.
  • The Northern Woods implies "Michigan." The Edge of them implies our residence less than two miles from Lake Huron.
  • When writing this song, a massive internet search for Lithuanian Folk Music occurred. A touch of its structural ethic can still be heard, even if the sound and storytelling aspects are way off.
  • The cruel beast being female has everything to do with a real event involving a real person of the feminine persuasion. It was a defining moment when any sibling rivalry was cast away forever. As was much love for the cruel beast.
  • Greenadder and I are of partial Lithuanian descent, among our many heritages. We are true examples of America's melding pot in action.


To the edge of the northern woods
Two sons - one bad one good
And though they may have disagreed
They understood.

The eldest son boarded on a barge
Dabbled with devils saw the world at large
And though he left the good son in charge
He understood

The youngest son kept to the home
Pure and divine but still alone
And though he let his brother roam
He understood

And when the cruel beast came to play
She felt the righteous fire that day
She felt the sting of unholy rage
She understood.

The youngest knew the shadow's cool
The eldest knew the warm light's use
And though they may have disagreed
They understood

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