Herrar and the Cherub

Herrar and the Cherub - Industrial Poetry from the album GlumRunner

Industrial Poetry

From the Album: GlumRunner

Story: Are there people who can not handle the good things in life? Do the divine or even joyful events really repel a person? If so, is that person inherently evil?

Herrar and the Cherub is a narrative set to a disturbing audio backdrop. In it, Herrar wakes up to reconsider the path he took in life. Of course, you can't change the past - but maybe you can learn from it.

  • The name "Herrar" is inspired by jokes from an old friend. He would state from time to time that when dressed a certain way, I appeared to be an unlicensed South American distributor of controlled substances.
  • Most of the background was recorded "live" into software synthesizers using the pitch wheel of a Yamaha SHS-10. This allowed for all kinds of play and effects which would have otherwise been impossible to acheive.

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