Rope Trick

Rope Trick - Industrial Pop/Glam from the album GlumRunner

Industrial Pop/Glam

From the Album: GlumRunner

Story. There's this woman. She's supposed to be the head of your social group, through some form of luck. The group is invaded by so many overgrown bullies that you forget you're out of college after so much harassment. At some point, this grown woman makes it known in secret channels that she enjoys fantasies of being abused and demeaned. Suddenly, you know why she is surrounded by thugs who ruin whatever they can't have.

Bad decision making and sideways morality are once again at the highlight of a song in GlumRunner. Sometimes, you have to make a choice instead of living a double life.

  • This song was originally put together in Bram Bos's Tu2 application, which is has wonderful capabilities that more expensive applications don't touch.
  • This song title is a tribute to pen and paper fantasy gaming, as is The Beholders.
  • One line was never recorded for this song: "Every little lady enjoys ropes and yarns." Those devil worshippers and armchair detectives among you might figure that line out.


You call for heaven
As you look in the face
Of John Doe
In your savior's place.

You call for hell
But you lack the spine.
So wipe it off my dear.
You're just wasting your time

(Tied down, tied down)
You're looking for your savior
(Tied down, tied down)
But that's not how he plays
(Tied down, tied down)
You're never going to find him.
(Tied down.)
He knows a better way.

You're looking for the devil.
(Tied down, tied down)
On all the wrong tracks
(Tied down, tied down)

You're never going to find him
(Tied down)
With a rope on your ass

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