Turf - Industrial Drone from the album GlumRunner

Industrial Drone

From the Album: GlumRunner

Story: I just love the character of Turf so much that he had to get his own song. Turf was designed to be more of a mood piece or bridge between songs than an actual song itself. Stuttering musical parts, desolate broken down sounds, and the noises of general audio haze were chosen as intentionally as the tongue-in cheek song title. Put together, at least academically, there's something to say about the endurance of the human spirit as well as its questionable motivations.

  • Turf was a character of mine played in the pen and paper roleplaying game "Shadowrun."
  • The name "Turf" also appears in Nada and Not Free / Perfect Failure / Freedom.
  • Yes, the title is a cheap jab at a pretentious pop/alterantive hit from the mid 90s. If you know what song I'm talking about, get Lou Reed's song Wild Side playing at the same time as the song in question. It's the same damn song.

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