The Beholders

The Beholders - Industrial Glam from the album GlumRunner

Industrial Glam

From the Album: GlumRunner

Story: The Beholders is a pair of brief, lower-key songs regarding the embrace of life's less savory side. Although short, this song reaches into the belly of pop music for much inspiration. Also in line with much of GlumRunner's philosophy, free will and the decision to make choices which walk the line between good or bad, right or wrong is a prominent theme.

  • This song was originally put together in Bram Bos's Tu2 application, which is has wonderful capabilities that more expensive applications don't touch.
  • The original first line of the song was "What am I doing here?" Those early instances of the pronoun "I" were changed to "you" as a core songwriting philosophy took root: More than enough songs talk about "I / I / me / me." It can be boring and sound way too self-righteous or self loathing.
  • This song title is a tribute to pen and paper fantasy gaming, as is Rope Trick.


What are you doing here?
You don't belong here.
Why did you come here?
You think you'll love it here?

What are we doing here?
We don't belong here.
Why did we come here?
Because we love it here.

Going all the way down to see the sites.
To burn and drown in liquor and light.
We know where we're bound not left wrong or right.
Where it's a hell of a place to be tonight.

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