Harper - Industrial Metal from the album GlumRunner

Industrial Metal

From the Album: GlumRunner

story:Harper is a short, brutal story a dangerous street where snipers are allowed to roam free.

This one is a bit on the true-to-life side, as a pair of snipers really did take out a car window during a traffic jam in Detroit. Thankfully, no one was hurt. However, we waited three hours after calling 911 for police who never showed. Another officer on the scene told us it wasn't his job to investigate. The Detroit news didn't want much of anything to do with it either. No one ever went after the bad guys, but the event and the contempt for what Mayor Young called "The Fair City of Detroit" has never really died.

  • This is the second recording of the song. The first was so horrible that I almost considered scrapping the idea altogether.
  • The voice samples came from Detroit, City on the Move, a now public domain film that attempted to bring a major lawsuit-happy sporting event to the fair city of Detroit in the mid 1960s.


Don't go down that road
Never see the sun again
Never breathe the air again
One-Way trip to Hell

Harper Lane, bang bang!
Never see the sun again
You've got your brain on the rocks
And they turned your skull into rain
Sighted and Slain
On Harper Lane
Bang bang...

Don't go down that road.
Never breathe the air again
Never ever be again
God damn its every stone.

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