Nada - Coldwave from the album GlumRunner


From the Album: GlumRunner

Story: Nada was originally written under the name Trap. The original lyrics included the line "We're going to build a better trap" and invoked imagery of walking into our own snares. As the song took shape musically, however, the pop feel and song structure called out for a more refined message. The characters Nada, Turf, and Beastman were introduced and a narrative about their own self-destruction took center stage. I am overall very happy with this song, and feel as though its refined rewrite carries the message much better than the original, more brutal idea.


  • The name Nada comes from a joke made by an old friend, who suggested I take the personal name "Count Nada." The humor was in my darker skin tone, which actually came from some northern Native tribes, and from the countless computer hackers who dubbed themselves as "Count Zero."
  • Another nickname given to me by this same friend - "Herrar" - also appears in Herrar and the Cherub.
  • Turf was a character of mine played in the pen and paper roleplaying game "Shadowrun."
  • Beastman was a good friend's character from the same Shadowrun game.
  • The line "Burned-out barrooms" was written as "Ghost ship barrooms," but recorded improperly. At the time, my setup did not allow for any easy way to fix such blunders. By the time I found out, the mix was made and all of the dials had been turned. Any attempts to fix it would have either meant sacrificing a vocal performance which I was happy with or very blatantly overdubbing that one line.


Nada looked out
To his sprawled out dream
Severence Sea

Nada had friends
All smog on the mind
Turf and Beastman;
They'd have their time
He built his court
He built his harem
On forgotten streets
In ghost ship barrooms

As fast as cached
They lost their ways
Divide by zero
End function days

Nada looked out
From his sprawled out dream
Ultra Undone
Severed Meat

Wired and tired
Execute null string
In the burned out gutter
Long live the king!

Bleed and bend
Ride and pilot
Buzz and crawl
For the glory of Nada

Spread and fuse
Pop and stumble
Give your all
For the glory of Nada

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