Why Why Why (Psychic Witch Mix)

Why Why Why (Psychic Witch Mix) - Electronic from the album Arcanasphere Singles


From the Album: Arcanasphere Singles

The Psychic Witch Mix of Why Why Why? was almost written as an apology for an original mix which just went bad. Why Why Why was an attempt at Goa which just didn't work, but this mix of it became something else on its own. Part lame trance, part faux-goa, and really just a lot of fun.

  • Why Why Why? gets its name from the Delay Lama plugin, which voiced a similar question during an improv jam which ultimately turned into the song's pressing question.
  • Psychic Witch is in reference to a fiend's mother who is an amateur palm reader. She predicted that I'd some day fuse art and spiritual matters to make success for myself. I half believe her, as my belief in myself is strong enough to not dismiss such an idea.

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