Make Your Own Deal (Knave of Eyes Mix)

Make Your Own Deal (Knave of Eyes Mix) - Industrial Metal from the album GlumRunner

Industrial Metal

From the Album: GlumRunner

Story: Make Your Own Deal was conceived originally as an industrial song about a card-shaking devil figure. Satan, with a fresh new deck and an itch to play. Following with much of GlumRunner, it was also written with an ambiguous morality in mind. It wasn't just a statement of empowerment, but a seduction to make a bad deal.

Ultimately, the lyrics were never finalized or even written in any quality manner. Thus, the song was shortened to two minutes without any vocals of any sort.

  • The theme for this song came from my fascination with playing cards. It's a quirk. I own more decks than I could use in a lifetime and can't walk past a deck in a store without wanting to buy it. My current collection includes two store bought trick decks, one home-made trick deck, one Russian import which features czars and may or may not double as a Tarot deck, three decks from vegas card tables, and one really cheap deck with pictures of the $100 bill on the backs.

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